Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 41 - London, Ontario to Brantford, Ontario (66 miles)

Not much of a sunrise today, as we woke up to wet roads, puddles, and gray skies.

Lots of people wearing brand new Canada jerseys this morning.....

Didn't take a lot of pictures again today, but I did think this little damn in Otterville was a cool scene. 

There were a lot of ginseng farms along our route today.

Once we finally got to Brantford, a few of us stopped downtown to check out the plaza area. I got this shot of (Jersey) Mark Scheer trying out Ian's bike.

Tomorrow, we head back to the US by way of Niagara Falls, where we'll have our final rest day on Monday. I'm thinking there might be a few more photo ops around that area, so check back.

Thanks for reading.

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