Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 30 - Worthington, MN to Mankato, MN (103 miles)

We finished our 5th century ride today. With never having ridden one before I came out here, it's almost to much for me to comprehend. I have to say, it was a much better experience than some of the previous ones. Today the winds were in our favor, as was the terrain (very gradual downhill most of the way).

I headed out a bit early, as has become my habit on the longer days. I feel kind of like those guys at the Tour de France, who take off on the breakaways to tire everyone else out so their teammates can then run by and take the lead. The only difference is that I'm usually the one who winds up tired. It does get me out there for some of the best light for pictures though. Here's today's start of the day pic..... 

They have some huge windmills out here.

....which does worry me a bit. If they put so many of these out here, there must be lots of wind. So, if it's not blowing the way you want to ride, it kinda sucks. Luckily today it was kind to us.

....and the scenery is still nice as long as you keep looking around. I think all the corn fields can bore you and cause you to be complacent about the surroundings, so that when something is there, you wind up missing it, because you're looking down or straight ahead, lost in thought.

This town must have made sure they counted everyone in the last census.....

And I thought this lake looked really nice. I stopped here right after the last SAG of the day.

....and of course my rider pics. I didn't get a lot as I kept missing people as the came by, and my camera was having a few issues with the humidity.

Here's Bill. He always slows to talk for a minute or two before heading on.

And Steve....now that we're not climbing as much, I only see him for a couple of minutes a day.

....and if you think we just ride all the time....well, that's what we'd like to be doing. Here's Rod changing a flat this afternoon. It's tough getting a flat, but when you get it with only a few miles left in a 100 mile day, it can be frustrating. He got it fixed and made it in OK.

Well, tomorrow is another 100+ mile day, so I'm expecting to be sleeping pretty early this evening. Hope the weather and winds stay with us for another day.

Thanks for reading.

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