Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 19 - Casper, WY to ......REST DAY!!! Woo Hoo!

Laundry, bike cleaning and laying around. What a nice day after spending 120 miles on my bike yesterday. Trying to take full advantage as we have a 106 mile ride out of here tomorrow.

Well, I noticed that my Tour de Cure fundraising has now made it to 10% of my goal. Somewhere in the next state, we'll get to the halfway point in our ride. It sure would be nice to have the fundraising campaign catch up to the riding. So, if you're thinking of supporting the American Diabetes Association this year, I'd really appreciate it, if you'd check out the link at the top right hand side of this blog page. From there you can donate through my page, or navigate to our ISD team page and donate to another member of our team. You're also more than welcome to join us for the Tour de Cure ride. Just sign up, and start riding. It's a lot of fun.

Ok, enough of my lecture. I'm guessing if you're checking this out, you probably want to see some pictures. Of course with a day off, I didn't shoot a whole lot, but here are a few shots of life on a rest day...

Thought I'd get up early to beat the rush at the hotel guest laundry...but 6:45 wasn't quite early enough for this crowd. Bags were already lined up waiting for the machines.

Did some bike cleaning, but didn't have the camera with me. Wasn't exactly an exciting event, but my chain does look better than ever before. If I remember, tomorrow, I'll take a picture of how shiny it looks. You never know when it might be that clean again.

After all that, and a lot of laying around being lazy we headed out for steaks at the Poorboy's Steakhouse. Really good food.
Here's Mark and Jeff while we're waiting on our food.
...and Sandy's partner came up to visit and brought these two guys with her.

Well, I know it's probably unbelievable how much excitement we have on our days off, so I'll sign off for today. Check back tomorrow for our ride to Lusk, WY.....106 miles.

Thanks for checking in.

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