Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 33 - La Crosse, WI to Wisconsin Dells, WI (90 miles)

.....another 90 mile day. Man, these last few days are really starting to take their toll. I have my eyes focused on the next semi-rest day (we don't get the whole day, because we have to get across the lake on the ferry).

Anyway, my first start of the day pic today is courtesy of Ian, as he noticed this sign first. We just couldn't pass it up.....what a name for a dentist.

So here's my scenic, first pic of the day. Notice all the fog in the hills? I have not seen a day that was this humid, since the last time I was in New Orleans during the summer time. At least it wasn't really hot (until later in the day).

Today we had the special treat of riding on the Elroy-Sparta Trail, which has the designation of being this country's first "Rails to Trails" bike trail. We got on the trail in, where else....Sparta. After all, it is the "Bicycling Capital of the World".

Winding through the countryside on this trail was very nice. I almost wished it had been sunny all day, just so we could enjoy all the shade on the path.....of course with the humidity, we probably would've all melted.

The really cool parts of the trail (literally and figuratively) were the 3 tunnels we had to go through. This first one was over 3/4 mile long. About a quarter mile from the entrance, you could already feel a blast of cool air along the trail. When I got there, everyone was stopping to put on their jackets, as just standing by the entrance was enough to give you a chill. 

....well, anyone who knows me, knows I can't resist playing with my camera whenever I wind up in weird lighting situations. So I probably spent a little more time in the tunnels than I should have. I think pretty much everyone who hadn't passed me by before that point, did there.

Here's Fred catching up to me in the tunnel.

....and down at the other end, there's Ian, who'd already passed me by.

All you have to do is "Walk towards the light......"

Bicycle shadows.....or maybe ghosts of the cyclists who didn't get to the other end......

Just before the 3rd tunnel was this really nice waterfall. Had to have at least one shot.

Here's the entrance to the 3rd tunnel. I thought the sun shining down through the trees on the bicycle was really cool. The fog coming out of the tunnel made it show up really well.

I found this cool spot just as I was almost to the end of the tunnel. I wanted to get some ABB riders in the picture, but after 3 tunnels, I was so far behind, I don't think there were any left back where I was.

....and back out into the fields on the way to Elroy, where the SAG and a nice lunch in town awaited. I caught up with a few people for lunch and then headed for the Dells.


....hope we can find the brats and beer before we leave....

....and another fun but tiring day comes to an end. Thanks everyone for reading.

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