Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 40 - Port Huron, MI to London, Ontario (90 miles w/ the side trips)

Today was our day to head into Canada, so we had everything lined up bright and early. They actually shut down the Bluewater Bridge from Port Huron to Ontario for us to cross. With the traffic that uses this bridge, that is a huge deal.

My other sunrise shot while waiting for our chance to cross the bridge. They said there would be no stopping on the bridge for photos, so I don't have any shots from up there. I did use the helmet cam to take some video, but as of yet, have not figured out how to get it ready to attach to this blog. I'll do so once I figure out how.

....and we all made it across safely.

Jeff's mom met us on the other side with bags of goodies ( butter tarts and nanaino bars). They were great. The sugar content alone was worth 20 miles from each one. 

Then we headed back down to see the bridge from the Canadian side.

Some very nice parks on both sides of the bridge.

After the bridge, we headed out into the Ontario countryside. It actually looked a lot like Michigan, only with nicer roads and people.

Dinner tonight was a little slow, as I think the restaurant was not prepared very well for the onslaught of 50 hungry cyclists. Dan was so hungry, he started eating the strawberry jam packets off the table....

We finally did get our food, but with the calories we burn most days, the hunt was on for desserts and/or refreshments. Of course we let Ian lead the way, as he has a knack for finding the best places. Of course, once he's on his way, you have to be quick to keep up......

Tomorrow looks to be one of the shortest days in a while at 66 miles, so we don't load in the morning until 8:30.

A couple of milestones today....
Mike turned 55 years old today.
We entered our 2nd country of the trip.
We crossed the 3000 mile mark for our trip.
We've climbed over 85,000 feet on our trip.
We have less than 10 riding days left.
We've raised 11% of my Tour de Cure fundraising goal.

Check back again tomorrow.
Thanks for reading.

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