Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 39 - Birch Run, MI to Port Huron, MI (87 miles)

Almost done with Michigan. I say good riddance, as this is the least friendly state we've been to for cyclists. There were a few instances today where motorists came really close to people, and more than once slowed down just to yell or curse at some of us as we tried to get into town. Oh well, I guess every state has their jerks.....too bad Michigan allows theirs to drive.

Anyway, here's my start of the day shot. That's Howard and Shirley riding by that fence line first thing this morning.

I thought this little pond just outside Millington was really cool looking, with all the willow trees.

Check out how small this kid is that was riding the dirt bike around the yard. He's got the whole package for gear (pads, helmet, boots, etc).

These guys were really working to get that hay in. They don't have any modern machines, just a horse drawn wagon with a guy and pitchfork on either side, picking up all the small haystacks.

Apparently we were on the wrong day for the big bologna festival, which is a big deal in Yale. Apparently Yale is the bologna capital of the world.....or at least that's the claim.....

and we made it into Port Huron finally, and got to see the Bluewater Bridge, that we will be crossing into Canada on tomorrow morning. Looks pretty high to me.

I guess it has to be to get these huge ships under it.

In the morning, they will be shutting this bridge down long enough for our group to ride across. Apparently, this is a huge deal considering the amount of traffic that uses the bridge every day. And there are at least two places where we have to stop and walk our bikes on the bridge because the expansion joints are too wide (we'd get stuck if we tried to ride across them). Once across and through customs, Jeff's mom is meeting us with some treats at a park near the bridge. After that, it's on to London.......London, Ontario that is.
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