Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 35 - Fond du Lac, WI to Manitowoc, WI (56 miles)

With such a short day today, we slept in a bit. Luggage load was not until 8:30 this morning, but with this group, the bikes and luggage started piling up on the sidewalk before 8:00. It made for a scene that was probably a bit unusual for the downtown area on a Sunday morning.....or any morning I would guess.....

Saw a number of these huge windmills throughout the countryside as we headed towards Lake Michigan. 

Seems like there might be a bit of a rivalry going on among some of these small towns in this part of the state.

Well, that's about it for pictures today. With the shorter day, I think most of us just kind of blew through the miles today to get here for some much needed down time after all the mileage on this last leg of our trip. I know I didn't stop to take too many pictures myself.

Tomorrow, we take the ferry ride across the lake to Michigan and into the Eastern time zone, where we'll start our 5th leg of the trip with a 113 mile ride on Tuesday through the Michigan countryside. That will be the last century of our journey.....I don't think anyone's too broken up over that fact.

Well, with all my laundry done, directions and times for tomorrow's ferry ride across the lake in hand, and the staff at the Ponderosa Steak House pretty much exhausted from our onslaught, it's time to get some much needed rest.