Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 29 - Sioux Falls, SD to Worthington, MN (70 miles)

Well, we finally finished with South Dakota and entered Minnesota today...."God's Country" according to Jeff from the ABB staff. It was kind of a rough way to enter a state though. We started out with a somewhat threatening sky, that turned into plenty of rain. Here's my start of the day shot from the parking lot, since we didn't head out until 7:00....

It's hard to have to wait to get started after sitting around for a day. Jeff wasn't the only one anxious to get started, but he did make for a good shot to illustrate the way everybody was feeling, knowing the rain was headed our way.

...probably the calmest I've ever seen Joe in the morning, while waiting to load. He's usually moving pretty quickly. Of course if you notice, he is all geared up and ready to ride.

Phillip had family come to visit for the rest day....didn't know they were going to take him with them when they left. Sorry to see you go Phillip. Hope your arm starts feeling better soon.

And we have a few new riders starting today. We probably should've let them know that you don't have to take pictures of everything you see. Here Greg (Skeeter), Tom, and Mark (yes...another Mark....makes 4 now) are apparently trying to share one camera. Just kidding....have to mess with the new guys.....

Someone should've told Fritz that although they aren't required, shoes would be a good idea.

So our first (and only) really scenic stop today was at the falls in Sioux Falls. It was raining pretty good by then, but everyone was still stopping to check it out. It was worth standing in the rain to check it out. Here are a couple of shots from there.....

....and we made into our 5th state today.

My rider shots for the day.....not many since it rained most of the morning.

Here's the new Tom (Utah Tom, I think).

....and Margo. Tried to get Susan, but she might be a little camera shy.....or I'm too slow. Anyway, I missed the shot of her when they came by. According to Margo, Gary's gone again for a bit, but will be back later down the road.

And of course, Ian came by me this afternoon, so I got a shot of him from the same angle as everyone else.

.......and of course we have to include the people who make it all happen. I got Debbie riding the other she is working the SAG van. Probably not nearly as fun.
Only 2 more nights in MN, then into Wisconsin.....the states are getting smaller.

I have something new stats for the day according to my Garmin, just in case anyone's interested.

Well, that's it for today. Thanks for reading. Don't forget the Tour de Cure if you haven't taken a look at my page.

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