Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 26 - Chamberlain, SD to Mitchell, SD (71 miles)

Well, the first day of the 2nd half of our ride is complete.

Only 71 miles today. Everybody's starting to get excited at the prospects of a rest day coming up, and no real climbing to get there. Today's ride started out with a little climb out of town, leaving the river behind. It quickly headed out into the flat farmland on southeastern South Dakota. Except for about 9750 fewer bikes, it felt a lot like the first day of RAGBRAI.

...thought the power lines looked cool stretching out to the horizon here.

Yes, they do grow corn outside of Iowa.
.....everywhere.....even in the swamps.

Cool name for a diner. Just don't count on it when the weather's good for fishing.

...and of course the famous "Corn Palace"......yep.....a lot of corn around here.

All the excitement of arriving at the corn palace took its toll on Katie today. She didn't even make it past the lobby. I really like the iPhone in her hand. Maybe a really boring email?

Ian didn't fare much better....

With the easy day and flat terrain, I decided it would be a good day to start taking pictures of the other riders. Since I only see most of them as they pass by me early in the day, I thought that would be the best way to remember profile and slightly from behind. So here goes.....

These first 2 are my roommates John and Jeff. They usually pass by pretty early and are not seen again until I get to the hotel.

Todd - He's the guy who actually brought his SLR camera. Seeing how easy he carries it, makes me wish I had done the same.
Mike and Matt, the father and son tandem team. When their wheel was messed up, they each got to ride separate bikes for a change.....probably Matt's best day for scenery for the trip.
"Jersey" Mark. We have 3 or 4 Marks, so they all have a different identifier city, state, or province in front of their names. of the happiest people I think I've ever met. Would've had John here, too, but he was moving too fast and wound up out of focus. Maybe next time...
Howard...the only other person out here besides me who wears a RAGBRAI jersey sometimes.
...and Shirley...of Howard and Shirley. Native Iowans and apparently UNI fans (for those of you who watch college basketball)
Andrew. Judging by the tan lines on the upper arm, I'm guessing he's seeing more sun over here than what he normally gets in England.
...and Leo on his "Bike Friday". He takes as many pictures as I thought I would....even has his camera attached to his chest with velcro, so he doesn't miss a shot.

Well, those are just some of the people who pass by me day in, and day out. I'll try to add more as I get them.

Well tomorrow is another short (72 miles) day, with a rest day at the end in Sioux Falls, SD!!

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