Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 13 - Burley, ID to Pocatello, ID (85 miles)

Started off pretty cold and windy this morning. Waiting for luggage load, any spot where there was something to block the wind was full of shivering riders. Luckily the wind was still coming out of the west.....tailwinds again! Woo hoo!

More nice scenery as we're starting to see some bigger hills around us again. With the clouds, there were some really nice views of the mountains in the distance. 

I got out a bit ahead of the pack, but with the photo stops (and my lack of speed) it wasn't long before everyone was passing by again.  
....really have to make sure you follow the route sheet.....some of these roads don't look too smooth.....and it's hard to tell if they actually go anywhere.
.....on the road to nowhere. This one actually did get us back to somewhere. From there we were able to get back to where we wanted to go.
Of course there are questions from time to time as to who has the right of way when you're that far out. Sometimes it's best to just go ahead and give that to the cross traffic, even if you think it should be yours.

I didn't want to stop on the interstate to take a picture, but just couldn't help trying to get a shot over my shoulder of the clouds behind me.

 Had Mike help me adjust one of my cables, and check the tension on my new spokes, so I should be good to go for now. I think we're doing a bike check of all bikes tonight, since we're headed up into the mountains soon ......I think they want to make sure we all have brakes for the descent into Jackson, WY on Monday.

Thanks for reading. Check back again tomorrow.

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  1. Wow Gerard, just got caught up on your ride so far, it looks fantastic. I've very envious.

    Have fun!