Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 23 - Rapid City, SD to Wall, SD (57 miles)

Well, with the shorter day, we had a later start, so I didn't get any cool sunrise pictures or anything like that. The scenery wasn't as nice as the last few days either with the first 10 miles just going through town and trying to get back out in the country. So, today I have pictures of ......me.

Everyone said I was losing some weight, but I didn't realize it was quite this much....
So to make up for it, here I am at Wall Drug waiting for my post ride chocolate shake.

Had to have a picture of the sign on the building, since I had all those from the road.

....just hanging with the bunnies
Apparently, jackalope hunting is big around here.

Well, I didn't take too many pictures today, as we spent 20 of our fifty miles on I-90. I'll have to see what tomorrow's 117 mile ride to Pierre brings. Hopefully we'll have favorable winds. It's amazing how many of us now pay attention to which way e very flag near our hotel is blowing.

Thanks for keeping up with the ride.

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