Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 17 - Dubois, WY to Riverton, WY (79 miles)

Woke up to 33 degrees this morning for our ride to Riverton. Tried one shot to show how bundled up we all were, but turned out to be out of focus. I ran into that a couple of times this morning.....guess I should take the gloves off before trying to use my camera.
Oh well, lesson learned. I did get a few shots of the scenery on the way out. What a difference a day makes. From the mountains and forests, back to rock and sage brush. It was different, but the views were still very pretty.
Some of these spots looked like places you could definitely get ambushed if you were in an old western.
....awesome colors....
Had to stop and get a few shots with cyclists in the picture. Here comes Rick, followed by Andrew and Sandy.
Seemed like I heard "on your left" in Andrew's English accent a dozen times today as he and Sandy passed by. They would stop for a picture, then I would stop for a picture.
....and check this out. Just as I stopped to take a picture, Ann came by. I don't think I've ever seen her long enough to get a picture before as she goes by saying "good morning" and "have a good day". Of course she almost got by before I could get focused.
....I just thought the bridge looked cool.
What a difference a day makes. Flat and windy, but you could still see the mountains way back in the distance.

Well, that was about it for today. We have a long day tomorrow (120 miles) to get to our 2nd rest day in Casper. Hopefully the winds will be with us, as I understand it's pretty flat out there.

Thanks for reading. Don't forget the Tour de Cure.

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