Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 27 - Mitchell, SD to Sioux Falls, SD (72 miles)

Summer has definitely caught up to us. But, we still made it to our rest day....some a little banged up, but it looks like everyone will be ok as far as I've heard...of course I'm writing this in the hotel lobby since our rooms are not ready yet. Oh well, at least there's air conditioning in here.

Here's the start of day shot in the hotel parking lot as we were getting ready to leave Mitchell and the corn palace behind.

The light was just so nice this morning....

....and another shot with the nice light.

Of course there is still riding to get done for the day. 72 miles with cross winds, head winds, and lots of heat and humidity.

Always nice to see that the ABB staff is keeping tabs on us.

Thought this barn looked cool. It looks like it might disappear into the corn field.

Took this shot as a joke, but Katie said she expected to see it on my blog this evening, so here it is..... really have to know these people to understand just how well this picture fits.

....and of course, the excitement of a day off really takes its toll on some. It took Rod completely out in the lobby.

....and Don as well., continuing my series of shots of the other riders.....

Gary's back. I haven't seen him lately....almost like he hasn't been here.
...and the ABB staff does ride as well. Here's Debbie checking up on some of us slower riders. She told me that I would see plenty of corn if I needed pictures later.
....and Beth. Always cheerful and full of advice when it comes to nutrition. I'd probably be better off if I listened, but I'm really hungry after these rides.

Don. The other big guy on the tour....won't be able to say that much longer. He's shrinking as fast as I am.

Eileen...She'll be with us to Niagara Falls.

Anne.....good morning.....great day....whoosh........

Bob is leaving us today. Lucky I got the shot before he was gone.

Daniel....part of our Swiss contingent.

...and goodbye to Howard today as well. This was as far as he and Bob are going this trip.

Well, I hope you're still enjoying reading. Tomorrow we rest. (more laundry pictures)


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  4. Did she mention that she has yet to be a parent? How sweet will be the revenge!

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