Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 42 - Brantford, Ontario to Niagra Falls, NY (72 miles)

The sun was already coming up when we were loading the truck this morning.....made for a pretty cool looking sky next to the box truck.
Of course the views are always nicer once you head out into the country.

Was cruising along, when we ran across Michael changing a flat on the side of the road. According to him the type of flat he had matched the name of the street somehow.....didn't want to go into it online.

Here's an over the shoulder shot of Ian and Rod this afternoon. I was surprised it actually came out so well.

....and of course our destination today was spectacular. Had planned to go straight to the hotel and then come back, but as soon as we saw the falls, it was straight off the road into the park on the Canadian side to take pictures. These two are from my first look at the falls.

...check out the boat in this one. That's the "Maid of the Mist" boat disappearing into the mist below the falls.

And we're back in the USA!! .....of course tomorrow we're all planning to head back over to the Canadian side for a while for sightseeing trips.

They light the falls up at night, so naturally I had to check that out. Thanks to the "Gorilla Pod" that Sharon got me, I was able to take some longer exposure shots of the falls with the lights on them.

....just so surreal at night.

And we even caught a fireworks show across from the falls. Very nice.

Well, tomorrow's a rest day, so we're trying to figure out the best ways to be lazy and still see everything there is to see around here. Hopefully we won't wind up tired on Tuesday morning since we will still have to ride 82 miles that day. Well, it's past my usual bedtime out here on the ride, so that's about it for the day.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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  1. LOVE that 2nd to last photo. Very cool! I'll have to try out my gorilla pod...I've had it a while now but just haven't used it. See you on Monday! Yay!!!!!