Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 16 - Jackson, WY to Dubois, WY (88 miles)

Another tough climbing day today, peaking out over 9000 feet across the continental divide.Casper looks like it would be a cool town to spend some time in, if we'd had the time. But with the climb through Teton Pass getting in, and getting out early today, I was a bit lazy. Dinner and straight back to the room. On the way out this morning, I did get this shot of the deer antler arches they have on all four corners of the downtown square.

....and the beginning to another great day of riding.

entering Grand Teton Park
John and Teresa riding in the park.

Have to throw one of myself in every now and then, just to keep reminding myself that I'm really out here doing this.
Snake River and Tetons
Out here you want to make sure of all your turns. Although scenic, some of these roads can get a bit rough....this one would probably be pretty lonely too.

Wyoming's motto is "Forever West", and they seem to want to promote that. Even on some of the stop signs.
Heading up into the mountains again. Here's one of the views from yet another one of my frequent rest stops along the way. You can see the road I came up along the right side.
When we got near the summit, we ran into our first impasse of the trip. They are doing a lot of work on the road through, and we were told we could not ride our bikes through the construction. So here we are loading the bikes up for the trip across the summit. While we were waiting, we actually saw some snow flurries.
....and there was still snow on the ground up there. Don't they know it's July around here?

Once we fought through the climbs, the cold and the brutal headwinds, we finally made it into town. Just before the town, the terrain started to change again. These hills looked really cool with all the colors.

Well, that's all for today. I'm writing this on time, but with the internet connection here, it probably won't be published until later. Sorry if it sounds dated. Hope to catch up soon.

Thanks for continuing to follow my progress.

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