Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 28 - Sioux Falls, SD ( REST DAY!!!!!! )

Finally, another rest day. I don't have many pictures today as I really didn't do a whole lot. Yesterday's heat and humidity got the better of me I guess. So, today there was a trip to Wal-Mart, the bike shop, and a couple of trips to the Old Chicago restaraunt across the street. In between all that excitement, I took a few pics of people in the hotel lobby relaxing.

Here's Phillip catching up on his email and blogging.

Tom and John sitting across from me as we all discussed what possibilities there might be for things to do.....other than falling asleep.

At least Ian was productive. As the one person out here who's broken more spokes than I have, he actually learned how to change one himself....and he stocked up on extras, just in case.

We did pick up 6 more riders for this next leg of the trip, after losing Howard and Bob. It might take me a bit to get the names down, but there might be a few strange faces out there. Who knows, one or two of them might even ride as slow as I do.

Well, we leave South dakota tomorrow for Minnesota. Sounds like the states might be getting smaller finally, as we'll be through there in 3 days. Of course that's 70 miles tomorrow, followed by back to back century rides before we head into Wisconsin.

I'll try to get the camera out more tomorrow if I can (rain chances are increasing).  Either way, check back again. Thanks for reading.

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