Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 11 - Mt Home, ID to Twin Falls, ID (97 miles)

Well, I finished the 2nd longest, single day ride of my life, and seem to be ok (I can still walk). Hope you're ready for some pictures because today was awesome. It's a wonder I got through in a day considering how many time I stopped to take a picture. Check out these great skies we has to start the day.....

Of course it always helps to have some fun people to ride with. Here's Andrew, Sandy and Leo coming by me while I was stopped taking pictures.

....just cool scenery all around. Really green everywhere that gets water.

Lots of great views along the roads we were taking today. Seemed like every time I got the camera stowed away, I had to stop and pull it right back out.

I even got to see what Mike does while he's waiting on all of us slower riders. I'm guessing with the amount of practice he gets waiting on some of us, his golf game must be pretty good.

Those of you who know me well will understand what this picture is all about. I actually rode my bike across that bridge in the background over the Snake River Canyon. In case you don't know me that well, I'm deathly afraid of heights. The only criticism I got afterwards was that I should've been pedaling more. They said it would have helped with the vibrations from the trucks going by me......yeah I could actually move my legs once I started across.
Here's the view down the canyon from the Twin Falls side....

......and another view of the bridge

You can even see what's left of the ramp that Evel Knievel used in his infamous attempt to jump over the canyon.

Speaking of jumping and the canyon....while we were there, these people headed out to base jump off the bridge. The guy in the white shirt is one of the riders in our group (Kim). He's not actually jumping, but going out to get some close up shots of these guys as the go over the side.
There goes the first one over the side....
....and the chute opens does the 2nd one.

....and people thought I was crazy for wanting to ride my bike across the country......

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  1. wow, you got some awesome pictures today

  2. Oh HELL no on that bridge! Way to go making it over...don't think I could even drive over it. Gorgeous photos!

  3. Thanks for sharing this amazing event! What an inspiration!