Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 34 - Wisconsin Dells, WI to Fond du Lac, WI (83 miles)

Had a short (83 miles....yeah right) today. Actually one of the easier days recently, with not a lot of climbing and mostly nice roads. Started off looking like we might be in the rain again, but luckily that passed by early. Here's what it looked like starting out.

Roads were a little wet though, but that's ok by me, as it produces some cool photo ops with the puddles...

Here's Dennis, one of our late comers.

Right next to the first SAG stop today, we had this really cool waterfall.....

....and these guys swimming around.

The scenery here in Wisconsin is all either dairy farms or ponds and lakes. I like the ponds and lakes the best. Here's one we passed out in the countryside.

And of course we found a brat fry along the way. In one of the towns we went through, the American Legion had a brat fry every Friday and Saturday. A great place to stop for a snack.

This evening we had the famous "ABB T-Shirt Swap". Here are the shirts up for grabs. This is played a lot like a game we had at the office Christmas party called "Dirty Santa". Even after you pick a shirt, people can take it from you. Worked out pretty well, as I got a T-shirt from one of my roomates' pizza parlor.

...and one of the coolest things here was the coupon we got with our room keys. Buy one get one free drinks at the hotel's bar. We took full advantage of those. Tell me we're not a happy bunch here.....

Well, tomorrow is the shortest day in quite some time, so we're sleeping in to take full advantage of it.....and to recover from the coupons...

Thanks for reading. Good luck to all of you starting RAGBRAI tomorrow.

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