Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 36 - Manitowoc, WI to Ludington, MI (7 miles of riding and one long ferry ride)

Our semi-rest day started with all of us early risers trying to find something to keep us busy until luggage load. Oh well, we only had 7 total miles to ride today. I did notice however, the reason behind our padded bicycle shorts as soon as I rounded the first corner and headed off down that pothole strewn road to the ferry, wearing my cargo shorts and a t-shirt.

Giant beer bottles in Manitowoc!

The USS Cobia. Apparently Manitowoc had a submarine building factory in WWII that produced 30 something boats. The Cobia was one of them and has been turned into a museum. The tour was well worth the price of admission ($12).

Had to be hard to sight an enemy plane coming in from towards the sun through one of these sights.

One of the torpedo rooms. The extra torpedoes were stored along the sides of the room with cots both above and below them.....can't imaging sleeping right under one of those things all the time. 

After the museum, it was out to the ferry dock to wait for our ride.

....and onto the boat for the trip to Michigan. Goodbye Wisconsin......thanks for the brats.

On the boat, there were lots of things to do.....movies, bingo, food, or just sitting around listening to some interesting tales from other bikers.....or not. This guy next to us wasn't too interested in Mark's stories.

Steve for a nice spot to read.....

....and Bill found a good place to .......Bill? Bill?

Here's Sandy, Beth, and Michael just hanging off the side.

Don't know what this coast guard ship is used for, but I thought it made a nice picture.

Hello Michigan!

Well, tomorrow will be our last century of the ride. Since we've now entered the Eastern time zone, and have an early start in the morning, this is it. Hope you enjoyed reading.
Thanks again for all the support. Check out the Tour de Cure site at the top right of the page if you haven't looked at it yet.

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