Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 38 - Mount Pleasant, MI to Birch Run, MI (74 miles)

What a difference a day makes.....only 74 miles, flat, and tailwinds for at least half the day. With weather threatening (luckily it stayed south of us), everyone was ready to get going this morning. Here's my start of the day pic from the hotel parking lot.

....and the mad dash to the continental breakfast area of the hotel. These places were definitely not design for 50 guests to wake up and want to eat all at the same time. Have to feel sorry for the business traveller who stays in one of our hotels and is on the same schedule as us in the morning.

Alma, and pretty much everyone else in the group got a picture of this, just in case Ian missed it. Of course there's no way he would miss this. He said he got the groundskeeper of the golf course by the sign to take his picture in front of it.

....and another detour for those who could read the signs left for us.....of course those of us less attentive riders actually kept going down the road until we got to the point where the bridge was out......

....of course just because we're not that attentive doesn't mean we lack the ability to get around obstacles......probably something we've had to learn over time since we don't pay close attention to details......of course we didn't have that extra mile or two added to our day :)

Lots of farmland out here in central Michigan. pretty flat, too.

Well, we're here in Birch Run, MI.....only a few miles from Frankenmuth and the giant Christmas store. Not sure if anyone actually decided to take the trip over there.
Heading to Port Huron tomorrow, and from there into Ontario Canada the next day. Looking forward to that and to our return to the states at Niagara Falls on Sunday.

Thanks for reading.

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