Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 10 - Boise to Mt. Home (52 miles)

Well, after a day of rest everybody was anxious to get started today, and the line of bags for luggage load formed pretty early.

We headed out of Boise with 7 or 8 miles on their bike trail system, which was really nice as we didn't have to deal with the rush hour traffic. By the time we got off the trail, we were outside of town. 

Another day where we had a stretch of interstate riding due to the lack of secondary roads around here that go in the direction we want to. We were on I-84 for 12 miles or so, but with the awesome tailwind we had today, there was nothing to complain about. Even being one of the slower riders out here, I was still appoaching 30 miles an hour.....and barely pedaling. 

......I sure hope those winds don't ever turn around and start blowing in the other direction. 

Once off the interstate, we found ourselves on some side roads. Wow, side roads out here are really out here. Usually I see power lines following a road, but with the lack of roads, we came across these that just head out over the prarie.

At least the traffic wasn't barely even existed until we got close to town. I've noticed that traffic always picks up a bit when you get close to a town out here, but can't quite figure out something.....why does traffic pick up close to town on a road that didn't appear to have any other roads connecting to it until you got to town?
Easy to get caught up in thoughts like that when the scenery doesn't change so fast.

As we all got in so early, thanks to that great tailwind, Mike put on a tire changing clinic before dinner today. Didn't sound exciting, but turned out there were a lot of things I didn't know about changing flats. Got some really good tips.

Well, it looks like bed early tonight as tomorrow is a 97 mile day. If I make it, that will be the 2nd longest ride of my life, next to last weeks 117 mile day into John Day. We'll be headed to Twin Falls. From what I understand, we'll cross the Snake River canyon near where Evel Kneivel tried his jump (I was told we have a bridge).

....until tomorrow. 


  1. twin falls ....nice little no where town again. the gorge there is great for picture taking..too bad the snake river stampede isn't in town lol.

  2. I thought you'd be an expert on changing flats by now.