Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 7 - Baker City to Ontario (83.2 miles)

A really nice day to not have much climbing. After the last two days, any climbing at all is met with moans and groans from my entire body. This stretch is really wide open, with what seems to be miles between trees. It's amazing the variety of scenery and landscape from one day to the next, especially since we have been in the same state all week.

Today we actually rode on the interstate for a few miles. Apparently there wasn't any other way to get where we were going. They have cattle guards at all the onramps and exits out here, so that nothing wanders out on the highway.....didn't stop us though.

Don't think I'd ever seen a locomotive quite like this one just outside Huntington.....and yes, it is actually pulling those railroad cars.

Also, saw this old paddlewheel up on a trailer just after the semi-locomotive. When I saw the name of the boat, I just had to stop and take a picture. Still don't quite understand how a paddlewheel named "Robert E Lee" wound up in southeastern Oregon.

The big event of the day was that we've crossed into the Mountain time zone, so we're now only 3 time zones from the finish.

....and tomorrow we leave our first state behind and head into Idaho for a much needed rest. Only 61 miles until our first rest day in Boise. I have a feeling nobody will be wasting any time on tomorrow's ride. With a high of 98 forecasted, I think everyone will want to ride fast and finish early.

Thanks for reading. Hope you'll check back tomorrow.

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