Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Only 10 days left until I leave for Oregon. The bike’s been dropped off for shipping, so any more riding will be at the gym on the spinning bikes or on the old comfort bike. Right now I’m feeling severely under trained, but I was able to get some really nice rides in the last few weeks, and meet up with some great local cycling groups.

Went with the Ozark Roadies group on a ride out from Fayetteville down to Mountainburg and back (that 9 mile climb back out of Mountainburg really had me thinking about the mountains ahead). I also met up with the Bella Vista cycling group on Memorial Day for a short ride. Had hoped to get a few extra in after the planned ride, but broke my very first spoke 14 miles in. Had to limp the last 10 miles in on a very wobbly back wheel. For my last good ride out, I rode in to Bentonville to meet up with the “Big Ride” at the square. Went out to Hiwasse and back, and then decided to try to get in a few more miles before the free cookout downtown, so went out Vaughn Road and back. Nice day to ride and lots of other cyclists out and about. After the cookout, I headed home through Bella Vista to finish off the day. Took one more quick 35 miler in the park on Sunday to finish off the weekend.

I'd like to thank all the riders I've talked with on these rides for the encouragement and camaraderie out there on the road. I've had a great time meeting so many other cyclists around here.

Wow!…….only 10 days left……….

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  1. you'll do fine just remember to pace yourself and know your own limits. mtns are your