Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 4 - Kah-Nee-Ta to Prineville (60.4 miles)

Another nice view from a hotel window to start the day....
This desert area still has some amazing views. We could see snow capped mountains all around in the distance.
This river area reminded me a lot of the canyons near Ft Collins, Co. Just beautiful clear water running through an area that just looks water starved.
Jeff picked a spot with a great view for an impromptu water stop. Perfect timing too, as climbing up here I was going through my water bottles pretty quickly. Sure is nice to have support people who've ridden this before. They always seem to know just when you're going to need something. Also, check out that spot in the middle of this shot.....that's where I'll be standing to take the next shot looking back towards Mt Jefferson.
Awesome view, huh?
....and then just around the bend, I noticed this little flag planted in the side of the hill just across from the road.
It's amazinghow fast the scenery changes out here. From mountains to desert to farmlands.

Of course my day wouldn't be complete without needing some repairs. Here Jim is fixing my 2nd broken spoke of the trip (3rd on my new wheels) about 10 miles out from the end of today's ride. 
Well, better sign off now. Have to go get broken spoke #3 fixed. It went just as I was rolling into town. Looks like a new wheel is in my near future, if I can just make it to Boise.

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