Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 46 - Liverpool, NY to Little Falls, NY (78 miles)

Didn't have a good sunrise as there was a front moving in on us this morning. So I got a shot of everyone anxiously awaiting luggage load, and hoping to get out in front of the rain.

Had to add this....I've heard of wearing two pair of shorts to help when you have a saddle sore, but I'm not sure what having the outside pair inside out helps with.....

Well, the rain caught us pretty quickly....and stayed for a while.

Here's a somewhat waterlogged Beth coming down the road in the rain. I think we were pretty much all soaked completely through.

The excitement of the day was almost too much for some.....

The hotel in Little Falls had a nice wine and cheese reception for us. Being before dinner, it didn't taker long to wipe that out completely...

Remember, unless you're reaching for something specific, keep you hands and feet away from the serving could get injured otherwise....
Also, let other riders know what you're reaching for to avoid accidents with serving forks.

Biker portions......and that was only his first time through the line.

Well, That was day 46. Sorry for the delay. My blog for day 47 will be up shortly. Hope you're still enjoying the pics.
Thanks for reading.

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