Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 45 - Henrietta, NY to Liverpool, NY (93 miles)

Today's ride took us along the path by the Erie Canal for 20 miles or so. I was surprised out how scenic it was there. We were on the wrong side to get a shot of sunrise on the canal itself, but this lake on the other side of the path made for a nice reflection.

I saw this tugboat right near lock 33 and thought it was cool. The water was as smooth as glass first thing this morning.

Had some nice light while we were there. Here's a shot of Helen riding up the trail. We both kept stopping for pictures, so we were passing each other back and forth for a while.

We got to see a couple of sculling teams racing along the canal.

...and a little family of ducks. Actually there were a lot of ducks out there, but these were right on the path and looked cool.

Looking back down the canal at a long straight section. That's Kim about to pass me along the path.

And that's (Toronto) Mark passing by into the sunrise.

...and here's Sandy, Sarah, and Renny about to pass by when I stopped to take even more pictures.

We just happened to get to this lock right when they were getting ready to flood it so a boat could get through. Here, the gates are starting to close....

and after the water level's raised all the way up, the boat heads on its way to the next lock.

Couldn't leave this one out. These people had a big Snoopy on top of this shed to make it look like his doghouse in the Peanuts cartoons. Very cool lawn art.

And another different flag display today.....

Well, today's ride was our last ride over 90 miles. Tomorrow, we head to Little Falls, which I think is supposed to be a ride of about 78 miles or so. It's funny, but people are all excited about having a short day.....never would've considered that a short day before coming out here.

Only 5 riding days left. Check back tomorrow to see how it goes.

Thanks for reading.

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