Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday, Sept 4 (Bentonville square ride)

It's amazing how quickly you can lose a level of fitness that took you 50 days and 3600 miles to attain. I went out today to enjoy the nice weather and hopefully get a nice ride in. I still feel pretty strong on the bike, but my stamina is starting to fade fast. I guess I need to add more running into my workout routine.

I decided to ride into town to join up with the ride from the Bentonville square. Going out county road 40, with those quick rolling hills felt great, but coming back home after 30-40 miles, I actually felt those little rollers in my legs a little bit.

I have been surprised to find out that, yes....the hills around here are just as steep as any we did on the cross country trip (except for maybe that Joe English Hill)....they're just much shorter.

OK, so here's my start of the day shot, from along CR40....

There was a good turnout for the ride.......just don't know where all the slower riders that I usually ride with were today.

Oh well, I did wind up with one person to talk to, so it was still a nice ride. After getting caught at the light in Centerton, we never really saw the other riders after that.
No big deal though, the weather was really too nice to find anything wrong with my day.

....still feels good to be back on the bike again. Hope everyone got to enjoy this weather today. I'm headed out on the big bike the rest of the day.
Thanks for reading.....have a good one.

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